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Hello! My name is Amy, and I'm a self-taught baker, cake decorator and lover of all things pastry. I believe that a cake should tantalize your taste buds and make you swoon when you look at it. I pack lots of flavor into my bakes, and put all of my creativity, care and attention to detail in every creation. 


About the baker: I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband and two children. I started my baking journey many years ago, when I was preparing to celebrate my oldest child's first birthday. Since then, my passion has grown, and along with it, the breadth of my skills and my confidence as a cake artist. 

About the bakes: Whether it's a classic vanilla or a puckery lemon, a pistachio with raspberry and rose or a chai spice, flavor is king in my cakes. I use only top quality ingredients, from organic sugar, flour, eggs and dairy to premium vanilla bean paste, organic, seasonal fruit and Belgian chocolate. 

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